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For the love of traveling and design: Vianina

In the past few years city map posters got trendier and trendier. They remind us of our favourite places in the world, far away or not, bring out the best memories and make our walls at home come alive. I recently came across the most beautiful ones you can imagine: The city map posters of Vianina! She combines her love for traveling and design and fuses them with pure passion and heart.

“My city maps give our memories a happy home. Would this way of looking at places be available in Google Maps, I think they would call it ‘Heart View’”, says Nina Simone Wilsmann, the awards winning graphic designer & illustrator behind Vianina.

Nina was born in a small German town called Wasserburg and now lives in Vienna. Before she settled down in Austria she lived in Augsburg, Munich, Barcelona, Mexico City and Budapest.

Vianina city maps are playful, fun and show traveling and cities in all their different colors and aspects. “I think my aim was to render the peculiar perception of a child from the countryside visiting for the very first time the city, that seems gigantic, over detailed, over expressed, and that happily rushes towards you, out of proportion, almost magically and somehow even quite bizarre.”, Nina explains.

Paris, London, New York - Vianina has a lot to offer. Nina is obviously a lover of detail and puts her experience, passion and wanderlust into her illustrations. By the way, no pressure, but Christmas is about 10 days away and Nina's new world map poster is just adorable. Just sayin'. ;-) 

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